Document Management System



BiTsDMS: A Web-based electronic document management System; a simple, intuitive and suitable for any size and type of organizations. it designed to store documents in a mannner that makes it is easy to retrieve . These documents can be either classical documents or media files. it used the best-of-breed PHP technologies an MYSQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite and ca runs in any Operating System Windows, Linux or Mac

BiTsDMS Features & Functionalities : 

  1. Manage the creation & distribution of electronic storage structure.                                                          
  2. Manage Filing & Storage of documents.
  3. Manage Indexing, Search & Retrieval.
  4. Manage Access Control & Security.
  5. Manage Versioning.
  6. Managing Retention Period.
  7. Disaster Recovery.
  8. Outreach documents anywhere anytime using any device.

BiTsDMS Workflow Solution:

 The workflow system is made up of two engines

Traditional Workflow Engine : it usually consists of only one or two steps but very flexible in assigning users and/or groups to each steps.

Advanced Workflow Engine: it allows to have any number of steps and even branching into sub-workflows, in each step, the actions are taken, and the users or groups involved can be defined and stored for later assignment to a document.